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3 Big Issues Christian Daters Face Online

Christian dating websites provide a fun, safe space to meet other single Christians online. You can talk to Christians of various denominations from across the world, discuss your faith and dating life in forums, and even chat using features such as instant messengers or web cams. However, whilst there are plenty of major benefits to looking for love using a Christian dating site, there are a few issues which some Christian daters may face online. So, in a bid to help spread the love and peace, here are three of the biggest issues Christian daters may face online…


1: Dating by verse

If you’re new to Christian dating, you may be unaware that there are debates over what the bible does or doesn’t say about dating. These discussions can range from friendly banter, to heating arguments. Of course, it’s up to you whether or not you get involved with these discussions (usually found on forum pages, but sometimes leeching onto members’ walls, on sites where others can post on your profile page). If biblical study is a big lure for you, you might find such conversations engaging, but the various interpretations and opinions can make the dating waters a little murky at times.


2: Religious disputes

When it comes to love and religious belief, two very hot topics, it’s only natural that personalities can clash. Some people place their religious views in very high esteem, and therefore some members of Christian dating sites may find that their way of life (or their religious practice or beliefs) are challenged. Professional Christian dating website teams should be aware of these problems, and help to control them. If you ever feel you or your faith are under attack by other members, the best thing to do is contact the customer support team for help. Of course, if you enjoy a big of theological fisticuffs, you can start or join discussions in pre-designated chat rooms and forums.


3: Lust, love and Christian values

Dating, love, flirtation and lust are inevitably parts of dating websites. Christian websites are no different (although the way in which these elements emerge may differ). Some members may discover that their values differ considerably on these issues, and a Christian dating site may not be exactly what they were hoping for. In this case, we recommend checking out another Christian or mainstream dating site, as they can often differ considerably in terms of ethos and general ‘feel’. Christian values, and opinions towards love and lust in particular, may not be a key sticking point for some sites, whereas others seem particularly interested in promoting specific values or ideas. It’s all about finding the site that you feel comfortable using.


The lowdown…

The biggest issues we see on Christian dating sites, usually arise from differing opinions on Christianity, personal faith and approaches to dating. We recommend exploring a few sites before deciding which one to pay for, and asking the customer support team for help if necessary. Christian dating sites are meant to be fun spaces to meet other single Christians, and some people enjoy talking about how love and faith intertwine.

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