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It can be hard to mingle sometimes. Whether you’re a little shy, or just haven’t found Mr or Mrs Right-For-Me, the daily trials of modern life can sometimes prevent us from finding happiness. If you’re single, Christian, and looking for a like-minded partner, Christian Mingle might be the website for you.

This site offers its members access to a large database of Christian members who are looking for love. It’s part of the Spark Network, which has run a range of dating sites since the 1990's. Included in the network are sites such as Believe.com, which offers an array of Christianity-relevant information regarding prayer, churches, moral lessons, biblical references and more. In fact Believe.com is incredibly popular, and many of its users follow links to join Christian Mingle, so you know that a lot of the members are genuine Christians who are interested in their faith. 

Subsequently, as you explore the website, you’ll notice that a great deal of attention has been paid to the faith element of dating. This is a website for all sorts of Christians, so you’re likely to find someone who matches your particular beliefs, if that’s who you’re looking for. Given the site’s intense focus on faith, it’s worth exploring the site a little to consider whether this faith element is as you’d prefer it. There are various bible quotes and mission statements linked to the Christian faith, but of course many people take their faith differently, some more seriously than others. Whilst everyone using the site is theoretically Christian, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they all believe the same thing or belong to the same sects. 

ChristianMingle.com has received endorsements from a variety of reliable Christian outlets, including several churches. This is reassuring, and as such many people believe that the content on the site ought to reflect Christian values. This is reflected in the profile creation, which is simple but also in depth. You can discuss what you are like as a person, what you’re looking for, your hobbies and so on, but the impact your faith has on your life is a key element to each profile.

If you’re not entirely sure how to express yourself, then you can complete a dating questionnaire, which covers all of the main areas a potential date might be interested in. This speeds the process up, whilst making sure all the bases are covered. This information is used in the site’s double-matching system, which offers recommendations as to the members you might be interested in dating

A number of members have had great success using this website, although some are less happy that the members they spoke to weren’t Christian by their own definition, so it is worth remembering that the site invites Christians from all over the world, many of whom share different opinions on Christianity and Christian morality.

Many members have taken the time and effort to fill out their profile extensively, and we were pleased to see that so many accounts are active. This isn’t a site where people join, and then never come back. You ought to be able to find active members whenever you log on.

You can upload photos and create a slide show to let others see the sorts of things you enjoy doing and other important aspects of your life. All in all, it definitely feels like the various faith-related features on the site take pride of place and are an integral part of the user experience at Christian Mingle, as opposed to being “tagged on” like they are at other sites.

Faith is also a key topic which helps members of Christian Mingle to come together. You can visit the site’s Worship Center, where you can explore bible quotes, post messages about faith, read or post prayers and more. As such, you can engage with members on another level, getting to know each other through your community actions and shared compassion. This in itself is a great way to get to know new people on the site as it’s a little less intimate, and members can bounce comments off of one another. 

This website is international, with members from all over the globe. We’d recommend performing a search to find out how many members are near you (if you want to date locally) or from further afield (if you’re interested in a person based on their personality and not necessarily their location). You can locate members by searching for all the regular parameters (such as age, location, height and so on) or by their religious denomination and church attendance.

ChristianMingle.com isn’t cheap. In fact it’s one of the more expensive Christian Dating Sites we’ve found. However, it does offer some great features, particularly if your faith is at the forefront of your life, and you wish to find someone for whom faith is primary. There’s plenty on offer for any Christian, though, and it’s a good place to make friends as well as find dates and life partners. If you don’t mind the slightly higher price tag, we’d recommend dating a look at Christian Mingle to decide what you think about it for yourself.

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