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How to Choose the Right Christian Dating Website

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Romans 12:9 reads, “Love must be sincere [...] cling to what is good.”

Sometimes, if you're single and really wish to meet someone special, it can be disheartening to see couples in love all around us. Think of poor little Monty the penguin in that John Lewis Christmas advert. In addition, people around the world have a myriad of beliefs and ways of living. So, how can you find someone special who also has similar values and beliefs to you? That's where Christian Dating Websites come in.


What are Christian Dating Websites?

Christian dating websites are, as you might expect, online dating platforms which help Christians to meet in a comfortable, safe and spiritual area. Online dating is a massive venture now, with literally thousands of dating sites to choose from, so how do you find one that’s right for you? That’s where we come in.

We’ve checked out all the best Christian Dating Websites on the internet, comparing and contrasting them to find out what they offer and who they would benefit. Whether you’re Catholic, Protestant, Latter-day Saint or follow other teachings, if you’re looking for a Christian relationship then these websites can be a great help.

You simply sign up, giving the site some of your details. This is free, and allows you to build a profile page. This profile page is like a personal advert where you can talk about what you’re looking for, your faith and other interests. Once that’s done, you can search through the thousands of other members on a site, based on your specific preferences. The website will then present you with all the members who match what you’re looking for. From there you simply get in touch with a Christian member, get chatting and see where it takes you!

But it doesn’t end there; some sites will offer extra features, allowing you to send emails, talk in a live chat, call each other or even talk over a web cam. Several of these sites run Christian events so you can meet a lot of like-minded people in a secure space near you. There’s so much on offer, and each of these websites has something to offer you as a single Christian, whether you’re looking for friendship, romance or a life partner.

First, though, we ought to go through a few pointers to help you through the reviews of the Christian dating websites. We consider a lot of points when we look at each site, so it’s useful to understand how we’ve gone about creating our reviews. Our reviews comprise of 2 things: a star rating, and a write up. The star rating gives a quick visual impression of how each site is rated numerically, across 7 basic but necessary criteria. The written report goes through costs and features in more detail, as well as providing a comprehensive explanation of the site’s pros and cons, which we call the Editor’s Verdict. Let’s take a look at some of the categories we consider when producing a review...


What Factors Should You Consider When Choosing a Suitable Christian Dating Website?

  • Chances of getting a date:
    This is going to be important if you’re really keen on meeting someone. We think about how many members the site has, how many of them are ‘active’ (using the site regularly) and how effective the various communication tools are in helping you to communicate with members. High scores in this area imply that you ought to have no difficulty in finding members, sending and receiving messages, and hopefully meeting up.

  • Features:
    This section covers the tools available around the site, including whether it has video options, instant messaging, forums and chat rooms, games, blog posts and dating advice. The best sites will have a lot of features which work to help you communicate. If you’re interested in becoming part of an online Christian community, who share thoughts, prayers and conversations, then check that some of those features exist on the site you’re interested in. All of the sites we’ve reviewed will allow users to send messages, although many charge a fee for this service.

  • Quality of members’ photos:
    Photos are a big part of online dating, because all of us want to be with someone we find attractive on some level. We think about the quality of the photos uploaded, how many you can upload and whether you have any editing options. For many people this might not be a particularly important element of finding a life partner, but if it is important to you then you’ll want to find a site with high quality photos, so you don’t find yourself squinting at a few burry pixels.

  • Help and technical support:
    If you are new to online dating you might want some support. Sometimes sites can go awry, so technical support might become important, but perhaps even more important is the advice offered. You may be interested in dating advice, as well as a professional who can offer you advice. If this is the case, look for websites which offer superior customer service. Some even offer guarantees that you’ll meet someone or get a few months’ membership for free.

  • Ease of use, joining and registration:
    The ease of navigating around a site becomes very important when you use one site a lot. With dating websites you’ll find that you’re probably logging on quite regularly, checking messages, reply to texts, reading message boards and more. If a site is difficult to use, or a bit muddled, it soon becomes an irritation. A high score in these areas means that you can sign up with ease, and that performing tasks on the site is simple and enjoyable.

  • Value for money:
    This is often an important element for many people. We look for ‘value’ rather than ‘cheapness’ when we review a website. Whilst there are a few free sites in this category, they usually don’t offer all the features you might want. In comparison, a site where you pay a subscription fee might be more expensive, but it might also provide the support and tools you’re looking for. Generally speaking, the longer contract you take out (such as 6 or 12 months) the cheaper your membership becomes per month.


The Bottom Line

That’s all the advice we have for now. As we mentioned, there are plenty of great Christian dating websites to look at, so take your time. Explore a few reviews before deciding which one to go for, as they all offer something different. And remember, if you find something good, cling to it!