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3 Top Tips for Christian Online Dating

Finding your ideal Christian partner online, can be a lot of fun. You can meet dozens (or even hundreds, or thousands) of like-minded Christians who are looking for love, all from the comfort of your sofa. We’ve explored many of the best Christian dating sites around, and have a few suggestions on how to proceed. So, here are our top three tips for Christian online dating…


1: Religious awareness

Whilst the vast majority of members you meet will be Christians, you may meet a few members who aren’t particularly religious. You will probably also meet a lot of members whose faith differs from yours, in small or large ways. After all, there are several large denominations within the umbrellas of ‘Christianity’, and they hold varying beliefs. Even if you happen to meet someone from the same church or sect of Christianity as you, their personal religious systems may differ to your own. As such, we recommend going into Christian dating websites with an open mind. People believe different things, and dictating how others ought to behave or think is unlikely to make you any friends. A willingness to accept difference and listen to others, however, could be a turning point in your religious and dating life.


2: Appropriate behavior

Religious dating websites can sometimes be a hotbed for arguments. We’ve seen members verbally attacking others for the way they speak, dress or engage with other members online. A decent dating site should put an end to this and restore peace, but it’s worth knowing that these sorts of things can happen. Knowing what is appropriate to say or do, isn’t always easy. A good tip is to look around a site to get a feel for it. Does it feel friendly, laid back, inviting? If you’re looking for a site where your faith takes center stage, look for one where the forums invite religious debate and discussion. If you don’t mind showing a little flesh in your photos, and flirting publically, you probably won’t want to join a site which is aimed at people with more traditional Christian values.


3: Being up front (faith, intentions and more)

We generally think that’s it’s a good idea to be as up-front and truthful as possible when joining a dating site. If your faith is an integral part of who you are, and you’re not willing to date people of a different belief system, you should probably suggest or say that on your profile. After all, what’s the point in getting to know other members, maybe even date them, if you could never actually commit to them based on your religious differences? You might also want to be direct about your relationship expectations, such as whether you want to marry and have children some day. Being direct may put some people off contacting you, but it should also encourage like-minded Christians to get in touch. In contrast, if your religious faith isn’t all that important to you, and you’re open to going on plenty of dates, you may want to seek out members who share your approach.


The lowdown…

Being open to difference, and knowing what you want from your online dating experience, can be really important when looking for dates on Christian dating websites. Honesty is often a useful virtue, and it’s wise to be aware of appropriate online behavior, as well as the different Christian beliefs you may encounter online. With all that in mind, we’re sure you’ll have a great time finding someone special.

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