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4 Ways to Improve Your Matches on Christian Dating Sites

If you’re looking for Christian dates online, but you’re not quite finding the right people, we’ve a few suggestions on how to improve your chances. So, without further ado, here are four ways you can improve your matches on Christian dating websites…


1: Explore advanced search features

Some members neglect to look at the advanced search features on dating sites, but they’re really missing out. A normal search is fine, but it’s probably offering way too many results. If you are more specific about the sort of person you’re looking for, the dating website will be able to narrow in on dates who might fulfil your specific preferences. Whether it’s hair color, hobbies, or a religious belief, you should be able to view members who float your boat, and also save time in the process.


2: Be truthful and direct

Whilst it’s true that a direct approach doesn’t always work, if you’re struggling to find your ideal date then we recommend being as truthful and direct as possible. If you’re looking for marriage and kids, write that on your profile page. Don’t be afraid that you might frighten people away; it’s much better to be clear with each other from the beginning, rather than realizing that you have different dreams further along in a relationship (potentially meaning you’ll need to break up). Being direct also means that you’ll attract attention from like-minded people, and you’ll appear in their search results based on shared preferences. Take a look at your profile and update it to reflect who you are and what you want.


3: Focus on more than looks

It can be tempting to only contact the members who you rate highly based on their physical appearance. However, you may be missing out on really important factors which may help your partnership to blossom, such as your personalities and faith! In addition, some people may not upload their best photos, or you may be more drawn towards them once you get to know them. So, why not bypass physical traits and search for members based on your interests, beliefs and potential?


4: Religious differences or similarities

It may seem strange to consider dating someone who holds different beliefs to you, but being open to that idea could improve your chances of finding dates, as well as potentially strengthening your faith. Some members may not consider themselves very religious, but they’re interested in meeting someone special from the same faith they were raised with, for example. Being open to meeting new people, some of whom may follow a slightly different version of Christianity to you, can be a great way to expand your dating circles and appreciation of different religious beliefs.


The lowdown…

One of the easiest ways to find more suitable Christian dates, is to widen your net. If you’re open to dating someone with slightly different beliefs, or you’re willing to seek members based on more than their physical appearance, you will probably find your results are more fruitful. Alternatively, if you’ve been meeting people you just don’t click with, you can try a more direct approach: state what you’re looking for, and use advanced search features to locate members who meet your exact preferences. Good luck!

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