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5 Ways to Improve Your Christian Dating Profile Page

If you’re looking for Christian dates online, your profile page is absolutely vital. It is your advertisement to the world, and it should encourage other single Christians to take an interest in you, and hopefully convince them to contact you. However, a poorly constructed Christian dating profile can work against you, potentially harming your chances of meeting your ideal dates. With that in mind, we have five top suggestions for how to improve your Christian dating profile page…


1: Complete the written sections

If your dating site asks you for details about your faith, interests, outlooks, relationship ideals and more, provide those details. Although members may find your profile based on a search, they may be more interested in what you have to say about yourself. The written elements of your profile page should provide a sense of what you’re like as a person – don’t be afraid to talk honestly, humorously, to show them what you’re really like as a person. If you neglect to complete the written elements, it can sometimes seem like you just can’t be serious about finding a date. It’s also a missed opportunity to share your personality and thoughts with potential dates, so don’t make that mistake!


2: Discuss your faith

There are all sorts of dating websites to choose from. If members have decided to use a Christian dating website, it’s because they are interested in meeting someone of Christian faith. As such, it’s probably a good idea to talk about your beliefs and practices, as this may be a big lure for other members. Whilst you don’t have to bombard members with details, you can highlight the key parts of your faith and life, and how they impact on your life, views and relationships. If you consider yourself Christian, but your faith isn’t a huge part of your life, that’s fine too. It’s worth suggesting this on your profile page, so you can meet like-minded members if that’s your aim.


3: Upload high quality photos

Whilst the virtues of the flesh might not be at the top of your list of priorities, it’s normally a good idea to upload some decent quality photos. These can show off your best traits, interests, or even some details of your faith. And let’s face it, physical attraction is still going to play a part in breaking the ice between you and other members. Again, your profile page is your bait, a means of attracting potential dates, so taking some care over what you upload is important. Pick a photo (or photos) which show you in a way you want to be seen. If you want to attract members with more traditional Christian values, for example, your photos ought to be chosen to reflect that.


4: Keep things personal, not only faith-based

Some profile pages can feel very generic, or even robotic. That’s because you often have to choose from a set list of options, and so do the members of the site. If you want to stand out against the crowd, try to make your profile page as personal as you can. Talk about your friends, family, hobbies and interests, pets, favorite foods and vacations. It doesn’t all have to be about your faith, that’s just one part of you, and it might not necessarily be the most enticing thing to talk about in depth. Some Christian dating sites might also allow you to personalize your page with music, welcome videos, gifts, background designs and more. If this is the case, why not go to town on your profile page, and really make it reflect who you are? It’s probably better than fading into obscurity.


5: Be direct and honest

Whilst you might not want to tell strangers every detail of your life, it’s important to set out the basic framework of who you are and who you hope to meet. This will quickly establish your boundaries and expectations to anyone visiting your profile page. If, for example, you wish to marry and have children in a traditional Christian home, you might suggest this or say it directly. Then, anybody who is unsure about marriage and children probably won’t waste your time. This also means you won’t spend time and effort chatting to people with whom you have no common life goals, and who you would inevitably have to break up with (unless one or both of your changed your minds later). Honesty is always a cornerstone of online dating, and Christian dating sites generally encourage truthfulness too.


The lowdown…

Building a cohesive, inviting and informative profile page will really help you to meet your ideal dates. Be honest, talk about your faith if it’s important to you, and feel free to discuss other important things in your life. Uploading high quality photos will help to show members that you’re serious about dating, as well as giving hints as to the things you enjoy in life (or your best features). Completing written sections can really boost the personal feel of your page. Once that’s all done, we’re sure you’ll be chatting to potential dates soon!

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