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Ultra - Conservative Catholic Match
16 April 2012
Reviewer: Sorcha from UK

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I am not surprised to read the other negative reviews. I also posted in the CM forums and I wouldn't be ultra- conservative, but not terribly liberal either. I didn't realise what an attack I would receive from the other forum browsers though. Very personal and upsetting. I reported it to the moderators, who did remove one particularly unpleasant post attacking my beliefs but that was all. I raised a 'help' ticket - which was responded to by the owners but they scrawled through my own posts until they found something vaguely unsatisfactory - which they said was a general statement of fact that was not supported by evidence ( except it was) and said I broke the rules by making a defamatory statement of the Church. I didn't attack Church teachings, just stated my own experiences. I was careful in how I wrote my posts so as not to fall foul of their draconian non- dissenting rules. They criticised me and did nothing to stop the personal attacks, which continued, I asked them to remove my forum posts, to stop the attacks, they would not do that either. In the end my only option was to delete my account and so remove the posts. I asked for a refund, given that I was being bullied off the website and they would not even discuss a refund it was completely refused.

In my experience and opinion this website has become increasingly intolerant of anyone who is not an ultra -conservative Catholic. If that is your kind of Catholicism then you'll love it here. If you are just a regular Catholic, then be prepared to be attacked for your beliefs and maybe find somewhere more tolerant. It's hard enough to find a practising Catholic, I thought this site would help me, but I feel bruised by my encounter with Catholic Match

In summary, I would not recommend Catholic Match to a friend.

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